Early Morning Routine 5am To 12pm

*Yawn* Okay this took a while and I got there, sometimes it’s not always like this. But I do believe routines and plans help so much in life…

Here is an exert from the week.

5am. I wake up, drink one glass of water and head to the living room to do home work out. I use Pinterest for some workout routines or a Youtube video. I try to do at least 30-45 minutes of workout.



6am. Head to the shower and get into some comfortable loungewear. Once that’s done I sit and have some devotion and journaling time with a cup of tea, to set the mood for the day and align my mind.

I like to use blogs such as Women Living Well, Susan Deborahs and You version (Bible app)

My devotion consists of my NKJV Bible, my NIV Bible and a study Bible to help understand in context what I’m reading.


7am. Next, I make breakfast for myself and my husband. We usually have a spinach omelette, granary bread, porridge, a bowl of fruit…whatever we feel and always healthy.  Wake the girls up at 7.30am, have some prayer time as a family (very important) then get them ready for the day.

8am. I make the girls breakfast, and most times will do my eldest hair whilst she eats.

9am. Leave out to drop my eldest to the nursery, be back home to clean a room or two in the house and vacuum everywhere. I made a cleaning schedule to help me get through it all because it can be overwhelming at times. And really who wants to be cleaning all day.

10am. It’s usually snack time and playtime/outdoor time with my youngest ( whilst the eldest is at nursery).

11am. I buckle down whilst my youngest is having a nap and get some studying done or blogging down for 2 hours. Then prepare lunch and plan dinner also, I have a meal plan for the week that I refer to. which makes it so much easier; shopping, budgeting and time saving each day.

Waking up early used to annoy me because I struggled and some days I’d just go back to bed, however, I’ve found that having those extra hours allows me to do what I need to, time alone to think and rest and I don’t feel overloaded in the day or week because I didn’t get anything accomplished.

What are your morning routines? Have you considered waking up a little bit earlier?

Breathe in, Breath out.
Love yourself always x


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