How To Change Your Style In Your 30s


I’d like to think I’m really stylish, I know I don’t follow many trends or overly focus on the latest fashion trends. I do like what I like and purposely make a decision to not follow everyone. Whether it’s a current fashion trend or one from a few years ago, as long as it suits me I’ll go for it. I have a petite frame and for a long time, I felt like I dressed like a little girl. I don’t know…skinny jeans and skater dresses was my life and looking back I just felt it was so young. I look young so I could get away with it. But I always had that feeling I was getting it wrong.

I have chosen my new look for my mid-30s and onwards to be minimal, tailored and classy. Ta-da! So here is my thought process:

  • Start with a fresh canvas. I’m being brutal and selling/giving away EVERYTHING! With the exception of two shirts, a jacket and some occasion wear. That way I am forced to start again rather than hold onto the old me for what we call sentimental reasons. Sell or give away to charity. Such as eBay, Depop, Amazon, Vinted and Asos Marketplace and reGAIN app and probably loads more.
  • Find out what works for you. Research is my best friend, and I use Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube to see what minimal and tailored look like and to learn how to put certain looks together. I know what my body type is now; rectangle. It helps a lot when you know what your shape is and what particular looks in trousers, tops and even coats work best for your shape.
    How to Know What Your Body Type Is

    Image credit:

    My current inspirations are;


Emma Hill
Frankie Bridge
  • Next, find your colour palette. I chose neutral colours and then soft pinks as my bold colour. I did eliminate black, if I have any black clothing previously that I want to keep I will, however going forward navy will be my new black if I need a solid dark colour. Having a colour palette helps with your overall look and it’s a lot easier to mix and match and save money in the long run.


  • Money-saving. There are so many ways to which you can accomplish your new look. If you can afford to build back your wardrobe right out then go ahead girl! Though I wouldn’t advise that because it’s good to get a feel of outfits and play around with looks and you might see other items later that you love. Keep in mind of the seasons, and your mood change. Build it gradually. There are also places to get pre-loved items low end and high end. Mentioned earlier. There are shop now and pay later opportunities such as Clearpay and Klarna. Be responsible and not get yourself into debt. Also, you can build a wardrobe fund and put money away each month to get your items.
  • Wardrobe cleansing. Basically, start with a clean and fresh wardrobe, closet, under bed storage, chest of drawer, pax system. ( whichever you choose ) Be organised and clear so that everything is easier to find. The KonMari system by Marie Kondo is very useful and therapeutic in decluttering and organising your home.  Don’t overload…hence why research is best. You don’t need every shoe or pair of jeans..have staples and build with accessories and jewellery.
  • Typographic Print - If you like it wear it - Poster Print - store decor - gift - Wall Decor - Quote Typography - Fashion -Art Print - room
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  • Show out. Now you have some new pieces be brave and show the world your new style. If you love it then wear it, we only live once and don’t be afraid to be bold. Play with your new style and enjoy buying and even selling and make it work for you. You are beautiful and you got this.

Everything takes time and feeling. Don’t get overwhelmed, always refer to ‘your new look’ inspiration and videos. Don’t force it and be bold and courageous.

What styles are you interested in changing? Who are your style inspirations?

Breathe in, Breathe out.
Love yourself always x

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