Best Aunty Vibes


I’m an aunty, in an African sense of a word

And I love it, my close friends all blessed me unknowingly with their children

Cuties and beauties and even mischievous ones

Ones who know my name and ones who’ve never seen me


Well that’s my own fault but easily forgotten once I become 

The best aunty ever

I’ve got aunty vibes, you know love wrapped in smiles

And goodies in my bag only children can smell


I decided that every time I see my little ones

I shall bless them with a gift or a treat

They’ll know I love them and feel my aunty vibes

You know I’m trying to be the best aunty 


My ears are here for all their long stories

I’ve been trained by my own children…each day

My knees and elbows are ready to crawl around and get imaginative

Imagine they love me because I’m dedicated 


I remember my own young self, being wrapped in memories of aunties and uncles

Staring at them and listening to their silly jokes

I remember feeling aunty vibes from beautiful women

Adding them to the list of how I wanted to be, no clue that I’d become an aunty


I know that feeling of loss when due to parental issues you miss out on seeing an aunty

I’m conscious of my impact over my beautiful children

I’ll promise to remain true to their family and always be there

I’ve got those aunty vibes that say little prayers and teach them little things


I want to be better because all children deserve a good time

I don’t know if I’ll be the best aunty ever, the stakes are high

But I’m present, I’m here and I’ll never let a year go by 

Without seeing my babies and blessing them with the best aunty vibes ever.

Breathe in, Breathe out.
Love yourself always x

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