10 Sweet Little Facts About Me

Well hello…nice to meet you.

If you’re here, you’re probably intrigued to join me on my journey. Either way, you are here, so let’s get stuck right in.

1, I’m from Nigeria>Lagos. I enjoy my culture but can’t help but feel I don’t know enough and how will I teach my children the intensity of how to be Nigerian. I understand the language which was drummed in by my mother ( though she mostly spoke English ) and me being nosey, if I didn’t learn then how would I know secrets of the family. I lived in Nigeria for three years as a child and fully enjoyed the food, culture and extended family. I remember everything and I was quite mischevious; I once put sesame seeds at the bottom of a glass water and served it to my uncle, then sat and watched him drink it whilst I wriggled with laughter from the sidelines. I taught myself how to speak Yoruba a bit better a few years ago and now it’s enough to teach my own children how to speak it. I feel it’s very important to create a legacy and to continue culture and meaning in life. I haven’t been back to Nigeria in 18 years ( a shame ) so it’s on the list of places I would like to visit.


2, I used to have really bad misophonia. It got so bad at times that I would scream or cry on the spot and get goosebumps. The earliest memories of having it would be 14 years old maybe… I even moved house because the person above me wouldn’t stop squeaking around. I hated anyone chewing loudly and I can remember being on the bus with my headphones on max and I could still hear people chewing gum. It was so awful, I couldn’t stand any repetitive sounds or elongated sounds. It affected me a lot and I felt I was being punished or taunted. Thank God that part of my life and irritation is all over, as once I had my first child it all went away. Just like that…

3, I love pancakes. That’s it. I was introduced to it by my grandma ( in Nigeria ) when I was seven and I’ve not stopped eating them. My cousins find it hilarious and I think immature that I still eat them because they witnessed the addiction in America whenever I would visit them as a child. Also, my mother – bless her – would buy jumbo sizes of dry pancake mix and loads of Aunt Jemima syrup, to bring back to England with us, so I could survive of course. Not sure why I wasn’t bigger than I was, to be honest. I used to eat a stack of 8-10 pancakes most mornings. I did have chubby cheeks in secondary school. I’m proud that my eldest daughter loves them just as much as me *wide grin*

4, White bedding all the way. A bit of a clean freak I need to be able to detect dirt right away and clean it right away. Having white bedding makes everything look and feel fresh and I love the clean and crisp look in a room. Our bedroom is white and gold, gold just being the accents of the room. The walls are white, the bedding is white, the furniture is white… WHITE! I tried to have a white/cream rug…ridiculous choice, I believe I learned my lesson with two children. Ha!

5, I’ve written over 200 poems. Yup! I didn’t even realise I could write until I was 16 and a day left to hand in my creative coursework for English Literature in secondary school. It was either poetry or a story and I chose poetry. Since then I kept writing and writing and writing… ( I used to take notebooks from school to use as my poetry books ) don’t worry I pay taxes so I’ve technically paid for them. When I got to my 20s, I was very shy and a way to come out of that was to start performing my poems as spoken word. It was very liberating but then I started feeling pressure in memorising my poems and slowly backed out. It was a fun experience and I felt I connected with a lot of people and my friends at the time were very supportive. I still write poetry…you’ll get to read some as they are incorporated within my blog.

6, I can’t blow balloons! I don’t even like balloons, it’s not just the popping but I believe that it’s to do with the relationship with my father. I didn’t grow up with him however whilst in Nigeria ( clearly a lot happened there ) he visited and brought me a bag of clothing… the bag was wide, white and the shop was called ‘Balloon’. I guess it must have scarred me and I don’t have a great relationship with him… so yes, I don’t like h- I mean balloons. I don’t like balloons. As for not being able to blow them, my cheeks start to lock, sting and tingle. It would take about 30 minutes for it to cool off to feel comfortable again. So I own a few balloon pumps in case I need to blow some up for the girls.

7, I worked three jobs at once. It was a silly time being 18/19, I didn’t even need to work that many jobs, I think I just enjoyed having money ( who doesn’t ) and being busy. It was part-time in the week at a department store, weekends at a sportswear store and a few night shifts at the local hospital. Haha… I once finished a night shift and took some caffeine tablets to start my shift at the department store. I was buzzing so much that, that was the day I made over £1000 in sales in my department and was extra excited about everything. Boy, did I crash by the end of the day. Please avoid these silly tactics. Health is wealth. 

8, Death almost became me. I mean, when my mother sent me off to Nigeria, I don’t think she realised the array of stuff that I would experience between the tender ages of six to nine years old. Thank God for my grandmother – who saved my life. My brother had this toy gun, which I decided to stuff with cotton balls, to try and shoot out. Clearly based on this post – it didn’t work. I then thought ah ‘how about I suck it out?’ at seven years old, wisdom was not my friend. I did so and it got lodged in my throat and breathing became a struggle… so did my hearing… and slowly my vision. I was going – I could see the light. The light down the hallway, to where my grandmother and brother were sitting watching the television. She didn’t even see me, it was my brother who pointed out his sister acting like a fish out of water. *sigh* I’m here now because she knew the Heimlich manoeuvre.

9, I love hard. I genuinely care for people, and I’ve stopped taking it to heart when it’s not reciprocated by everyone. Not everyone is meant to be in your life all the time and we all have different journeys. Nonetheless, be it friends, strangers or even social media followers. People always pop into my mind and I would always message them and see how they are, or I remember birthdays, and appointments and anniversaries and..and and and. I just want people to feel loved because I know what it’s like to not feel it and to feel it. Everyone needs a friend, and with my great memory, it helps to text someone who told me they have a scan coming up or an exam. I think it helps. I also always tell strangers their outfit looks good. I love making people smile.

10, I want six children. Pfft! Yeah right, once I had the first I was like ‘forget that’. I have two girls now, we would love a little boy. I came down to four….now I’m hoping for a little boy because I think I want three. What if I have twins?! …

So that’s me, in a small little nutshell. The more I post the better you’ll know and learn and we can walk on this journey together.

Breathe in, Breath out.
Love yourself always x

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